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Vacanze in Baita

Try the fantastic experience of a holiday in a cabin immersed in the woods among the fantastic Dolomite peaks of Trentino, to savor the emotion of a holiday in contact with uncontaminated nature: trekking in the mountains, walks in the woods, mountain bike excursions, but also winter sports, visits to picturesque medieval castles or to discover the forts of the Great War.

Choose your holiday area among 7 fantastic valleys of Trentino

Valle dei Mocheni e Pinè

The environment of the area is suggestive and wild, with green meadows and lush woods sealed by folkloristic and gastronomic traditions unique in the its kind. The Mocheni villages are scattered along the two sides of the Mocheni/Bernstol Valley, along the right bank of the Fersina river and along the left bank.

22 Cabins

Valsugana e Lagorai

Rich in woods, crops and mirrors of clear water (such as Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo), Valsugana also features the Lagorai mountain group (a world of wild nature ready to make itself known), the Vigolana plateau and the Conca del Tesino b>, in addition to the impervious Mocheni Valley.

45 Cabins

Rich in woods, crops and mirrors of clear water (such as Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo), Valsugana also features the Lagorai mountain group (a world of wild nature ready to make itself known), the Vigolana plateau and the Conca del Tesino b>, in addition to the impervious Mocheni Valley. For those who love outdoor activities and sports, from trekking to hiking, from climbing to mountain biking, Valsugana presents itself as a natural gym, with a vast network of paths and refuges at high altitude, the valley floor cycle path, the Trentino horse trail, Nordic walking. At Lake Caldonazzo you can practice water sports: canoeing, dragon boating and even water skiing. Wellbeing is guaranteed by the spa centres. Levico Terme has been a renowned cire resort since the 19th century, a destination for Central European tourism and with hotels equipped with modern wellness areas. On the mountain above flow the water springs with healing properties used in the Palazzo delle Terme di Vetriolo. Roncegno Terme is a center today mainly oriented towards natural therapies. A stay in Valsugana allows you to visit ancient villages and churches, homes and palaces that retain the charm of the Belle Epoque, but also house museums that bear witness to the characters who lived there, Arte Sella, the evocative exhibition of works by “natural” art in the woods of Val di Sella. Numerous opportunities for play and entertainment are dedicated to children thanks to programs prepared for them and their families. In winter the main attractions are the Christmas markets of Levico Terme and Pergine and the ski lifts of Passo Brocon. Other activities can be found on site with info at the tourist offices.

Vigolana - Levico Terme

The waters of the Vigolana descend from the crossroads of its mountains, a discreet presence that escapes the hasty visitor but is to be discovered with the curious eye of the traveller. High up, on the slopes of Marzola and in the valleys of Vigolana, the water from rain or melting snow seeps deep into the folds of the limestone and dolomite rocks.

6 Cabins
The enchanting landscape of the Vigolana Plateau, enclosed between the Vigolana massifs to the south/west and the Marzola massifs to the north/west, is represented by large meadows and woods, it is a natural balcony from which to admire alpine panoramas, valleys and Lake Caldonazzo. The woods are rich in pines, beeches, firs and larches, and the undergrowth smells of flowers – cyclamens, rhododendrons, lilies of the valley and orchids – and in autumn it is rich in porcini mushrooms and chestnuts. In summer the friendliness and hospitality of the people is manifested through the numerous country festivals, village festivals, concerts and events that the voluntary associations propose. In winter you walk in the snow with snowshoes waiting for the arrival of Christmas which is announced with the setting up of trees, nativity scenes and characteristic markets. A magnificent area where the operators will guide you to discover the most beautiful corners of the Plateau with excursions, walks, as well as providing support for all your sporting activities. The Vigolana plateau offers nature, sport, culture and taste. Exercise routes: a network of paths allow you to enjoy mountain biking, horse riding, trekking, Nordic walking. Paths of the Senses: a series of interactive tables will make you enjoy nature with the five senses. Water routes: history and nature walking along the Centa Torrent River Park. Paths of History and Art: Castel Vigolo, the Forts of the First World War, the baroque villas, the rural architecture… Paths of the Sacred: the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Feles and the Birthplace of Santa Paolina. Taste Paths: many genuine products transformed into delicious dishes. The Vigolana plateau offers multiple “EXPERIENCES” which you can find on the following site, unique moments to experience on the plateau: Go to the “Alpe Cimbra” website

Valle del Tesino

The largest expanses of woodland in Trentino and is the ideal starting point for walks and trekking among uncontaminated nature. The numerous mountain huts, the famous caves, the La Cascatella park, the Celado plateau, the Trodo dei Fiori at Passo Brocon, a naturalistic botanical route offer an interesting holiday at natural rhythms.

17 Cabins

Valle del Vanoi e Primiero

The Vanoi Valley is a characteristic area that extends over a vast territory of approximately 125 square kilometres, largely covered by beautiful conifer forests. Located in eastern Trentino, bordered to the east by the Primiero (Valle del Cismón), to the south by the municipalities of Lamon and Sovramonte (BL), to the west and south-west by the Tesino plateau, to the north by the Val di Fiemme There are more than one hundred peaks that exceed 2,000 metres; these dominate steep green slopes with villages, vast pastures, woods, lakes, streams, mountain huts and numerous farms and huts scattered throughout the area. Characteristics of the valley are the natural beauty offered by the wide porphyry chain of Lagorai and the granite massif of Cima d'Asta. This large area, naturally designated a natural park, is still intact and has lost nothing of its pristine virginity.

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Val di Sole e Val di Non

Val di Sole is located in the north-western part of the province, along the course of the Noce river. The valley is surrounded by various Alpine mountain groups: the Ortles - Cevedale group, the Brenta group and the Adamello - Presanella group. The etymology of the toponym Sol probably goes back to the Celtic water divinity Sulis which the Romans identified with Minerva. This would be supported by the existence of thermal water sources in the valley today, in Peio and Rabbi.

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The Val di Peio, often erroneously written Val di Pejo, is an alpine valley in Trentino, lateral to the Val di Sole. It has a north-south trend and the classic “V” shape due to erosion river, it is in fact crossed by the Noce torrent. This river arises from the union of two distinct branches which, meeting in Cogolo, give the valley a “Y” shape. The valley bifurcations are respectively Val de la Mare to the north and Val del Monte to the east. The valley has just over 1,900 inhabitants, all residing in the municipality of Peio. The capital (seat of the Municipality) is Cogolo, other hamlets in the valley are: Celledizzo, Celentino, Comasine, Peio Paese, plus the towns of Peio Fonti and Strombiano. In the heart of the Stelvio National Park the Val di Pejo offers its guests a relaxing and fascinating holiday in a natural oasis where hospitality is at home. Trekking, Nordic walking, mountain biking, rafting, walking and hiking, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, snowboarding, snowshoe walking are just some of the many activities to practice in the valley! Go to the site ” Val di Sole”

Valli Giudicarie e Valle di Ledro

VALLE DI LEDRO: It is known for its lake - one of the clearest and cleanest lakes in Trentino - and for the stilt houses (museum) found way back in 1929. Valle di Ledro is a single municipality with 15 hamlets (villages) and nestled under the mountains, about 15 km from Lake Garda. Excursions on foot and/or by mountain bike are activities that can be practiced. Places of interest: Lake Ledro, Lake Ampola, the Ponale panoramic road (cycle/pedestrian route to Riva del Garda), the Gorg d'Abiss waterfall, Val Concei, mountain pastures, etc.

GIUDICARIE VALLEY: In western Trentino, between Lakes Ledro and Garda, and the Adamello-Brenta mountains, there are the Giudicarie Valleys rich in history and uncontaminated nature. The main attractions are Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Terme di Comano; Lake Idro, the Adamello Brenta natural park. You can easily reach both Lake Garda and the provincial capital Trento and the Valle di Sole. The natural environment is rich in woods and green meadows, as well as itineraries for excursions with paths, which lead up to the mountain tops which offer panoramic views. breathtaking view of the valley. In winter all snow or ice sports are guaranteed.

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